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Importance of chimney cleaning

Chimney cleaning is necessary for both health and safety reasons. Cleaning your chimney on a regular basis you will help to keep your home free of allergens. The buildup of dirt and creosote will also be prevented. Dirt can block your chimney’s flue, causing smoke to back up into your home and make your fireplace noxious. Excessive creosote can potentially ignite and cause an uncontrolled fire hazard. Regular maintenance of your chimney will also prevent water from enter your home and causing damage. Cracks in your chimney’s liner can lead to discoloration of your chimney’s exterior and let smoke and odor to enter your home. These can be prevented with regular maintenance. Any chimney that is used on a regular basis or has ever been used more than likely has some build up that has accrued inside. Burning logs release gases and can cause carbon or creosote deposits to accumulate on the walls of a chimney, and the results can be disastrous. Chimney fires that are started by these circumstances often lead to house fires and failing to keep a chimney free and clear of debris can be the culprit.​ Most homeowners believe that a chimney is fireproof and that a chimney fire may just cause an odor issue, but the unfortunate truth is that the flames often spread along the top into the rafters and roof and can quickly burn the entire home to the ground. The most effective way to prevent chimney fires is to have regular maintenance and cleaning performed by a qualified professional.

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